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Are CITE courses really accredited?  

YES!  CITE courses are offered through Oklahoma Christian University (OC). OC’s courses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

How do I transfer credits from OC to my university?

After you complete your CITE class and you want to transfer your credits to your home institution, visit the Oklahoma Christian Registrar’s website and follow the instructions for ordering your transcripts online.  When your home institution receives the transcript, an admission official will determine where these credits fit into your degree program. You should consult with your adviser about how you want these credits to apply.  Please note:  it is common practice for universities to charge a small fee for sending transcripts to other institutions.  The CITE fee does not cover the expense of having your transcripts sent to your home institution.

Is Financial Help available?

NO.  CITE courses are so affordable that no financial aid is necessary.

Will CITE credits count toward my status as a full-time student at OSU for financial aid purposes?

NO.  CITE credits are offered through Oklahoma Christian university and will not count toward your full-time status at your home institution.  

Can High School Students take CITE classes for credit?

Maybe.  Juniors and Seniors in high school can take CITE classes but the the admissions process is a little different. It requires that the prospective high school student demonstrate a high degree of personal, academic, and spiritual maturity by completing a special admissions form. Please go to the registration tab for more information on concurrent high school enrollment.

How can I support the ministry of CITE?

~First, pray for its success and that students will grow in their knowledge of the Christian faith.

~Second, tell everyone you know about the program, especially people with friends and family members who might benefit from taking accredited classes in Christian studies.

~Third, give financially to the program so that the fees can stay extremely low. Financial gifts to CITE can be sent to the  Circle Church of Christ, 1655 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330, which oversees the ministry. If you have access to employer matching funds, please contact Darren Williamson (dwilliamson.or@gmail.com)  about ways to make your gift go farther.

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