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Reformation History and Thought (L3)

Reformation History and Thought    

 Fall 2017

On October 31, 1517 a young monk by the name of Martin Luther launched a massive reformation of the Christian church that is still reverberating today.  This Life Long Learning (L3)* course looks closely at the most important leaders of the Protestant Reformation and explores the theological breakthrough that is still impacting Christianity five centuries later.

  • Time:  Mondays, 6-9pm (Sept 25 – Nov 27)
  • Instructor:  Dr. Darren Williamson(Preaching Minister, Keizer Church of Christ)
  • Contact: (503) 393-5424; dwilliamson.or@gmail.com
  • Course Fee:  $35.
  • Textbook Fee: $15 (Alister McGrath, Reformation Thought, 3rd Edition, 1999)


Course Location:  Keizer Church of Christ, 5405 Ridge Drive NE, Keizer, Oregon 97303.

RegistrationEmail Darren Williamson directly to reserve a spot in the class and indicate whether you want a textbook.   Bring payment to the first night of class, September 25.

*L3 courses are taught at the college level but involve no assessment (tests, papers, etc) and are not offered for credit.  L3 courses are open to anyone desiring deeper study of the Bible and Christian theology.

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