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About CITE

The Campbell Institute for Theological Education (CITE) is a co-operative arrangement between the University Christian Center and Oklahoma Christianity University that utilizes the resources of local Christian faculty to offer accredited collegiate level courses in Biblical studies and Theology for students in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. 

CITE takes is name from one of the great leaders of the early American Restoration Movement, Alexander Campbell (d. 1866).  This movement – today represented mainly by Churches of Christ and Christian Churches – sought to unify all believers by focusing on a simple form of Christianity based on the teachings of the Bible.

How Does it Work?

Students taking classes at CITE register as special students at Oklahoma Christian and upon completion of a course receive college credit.  These credits can then be transferred into the student’s respective degree program at OSU or other colleges or universities that will accept these credits.     CITE  courses are offered during the Fall & Winter terms, following the Oregon State University quarter-based academic calendar.

Who Operates CITE?

Three groups work together to make CITE happen. These three entities are…

Circle Church LogoCircle Church of Christ.  The Eldership of the Circle Church of Christ exercises ultimate oversight over the University Christian Center and CITE.  But, it entrusts the CITE Board with significant authority and responsibility for day-to-day operations of the academic program.  The CITE board keeps the Eldership informed about CITE activities and the progress of the program.


temporary-logo-dec111.jpgCITE Board.  The CITE Board is responsible for curriculum selection, Faculty selection and support, fundraising, and spiritual direction.  The CITE Board members are … Dr. Darren Williamson (Director and Faculty Member), Jason Swick (UCC Campus Minister and Faculty Member), Dr. Bill McCaughan (Academic Adviser, Circle Church of Christ Representative),Dr. Shawn Jones (Academic Adviser & Faculty Member).


Oklahoma_Christian_University_1_214222Oklahoma Christian University.   The OC College of Biblical studies provides ultimate oversight of CITE’s academic life.  The University provides accreditation for the CITE courses, hosts and manages student transcripts, and acts as an advocate for CITE with other academic institutions.

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